Thursday, November 3, 2016

Would if I Could

I want to write something, dang it.

And I just don't have the brain power.

I want to write about teaching-- about how it's going and how it consumes every ounce of energy I have but is so worth feeling like your work is not a job but a greater calling.

I want to expound on the Coldplay concert-- about the unique sound, iconic voice and memory-laden melodies that filled me up and sent me floating for days.

I want to speak of my younger brother-- about the quality time we spent this summer before he flew to Australia to serve for two years, and the strangeness of hurting but not wanting it any other way.

I want to tell about how I never watched tv-- until the sudden binge on Sherlock and Stranger Things and how we loved them both but ultimately the latter won the great honor of this year's Halloween costumes.

I want to write about my visit to family in Seattle.  My brother's dog Luna (whom I love).  A spontaneous road trip with friends.  Our third anniversary.  Too many horror films.  High school events.  Answered prayers.  Rants on feminism.  Riding horses.  Neglected home life.  Angel sisters.  Trust and humility, and the lack thereof.  Podcasts.  Co-workers.  Adulting fails (aka, insurance fiascoes).  Completed audiobooks.  A pathetic wardrobe.  Clear skin.  Jane Eyre.  Study abroad reunions.  A mechanical pencil thief.  EDM.  The impending MCAT.  Getting published.  Gene Wilder.  Social media stress.  The fear of ignorance.  The sheep pasture out my aunt's window.  Burnt pizza.  Comic Con.  A husband home safe.  Birthday surprises.  Rudy Steiner.  Wrist surgery.  Kingdom Hearts.  The saving grace of Spotify.  Snail mail.  Travel plans.  Daydreams.

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